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Creating the Company of Your Dreams

Creating the Company of Your DreamsTypically people don’t start their own business out of the convenience. Anyone who has ever started a business would tell you that it’s not an easy endeavor and requires a whole lot of drive and perseverance. Truthfully, in order to endure the hardship of entrepreneurship, your motivation should be about more than just you. If your motivation is only inwardly focused, you may be headed down the wrong road. If you’re looking to create the company of your dreams, here are a few necessary elements that you’ll need to possess:


You might be the exception, but most people have a terrible time promoting or investing their time into something that they are not passionate about. If you’re starting a business based around a product or service that is completely uninteresting to you, it’s going to be difficult to push through the hard times. Have you ever heard someone say that your job isn’t work if it’s what you love to do? This is a very true statement. If you love what you’re doing, you’re more likely to dig in and persevere when times get tough. Even if you don’t love all of the tasks you have to manage on a daily basis, at the very least you need to have some level of passion for what your business offers the world.


In addition to passion, you should have a purpose for your company. If your only goal is to make money, you’ll end up missing the big picture. Our lives revolve around other people and as a business owner you have the ability to dictate how that happens. You can create a company that simply makes money, or you can create a company that contributes to bettering the lives of others. Maybe your product alone helps to make people’s lives better, or maybe you simply decide to use the company as a way to fund extra curricular efforts for helping people. Either way, you’re going to be the most fulfilled when you’re purpose is bigger than your income.

Healthy Work Ethic

If you’re struggling to get things done and live a productive life, you have no business pursuing entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs have to be extremely self motivated, diligent and results oriented. If you simply want to go to work and collect a pay check then just keep your day job and find another way to gain fulfillment in life. Maybe you’re not productive because you’re not doing something your passionate about, but this is something you need to identify within yourself before you take on the challenge of starting a business. Wanting to ‘work for yourself’ is not really a good enough reason and will likely cause your efforts to result in failure.