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Why You Might Not be a Good Leader

 LeaderMany people have the desire to be a great leader, but few actually possess the courage, skill and character that is necessary to execute impactful leadership. If you’re wondering whether or not you have the potential to be an excellent leader, let’s take a look at what might disqualify you. You’re not being a good leader if …

You Think Leadership is a Position of Power

Yes, it’s true that power will often accompany good leadership, but it’s not the motivator of a good leader nor does it equals good leadership. You’d be surprised to know how many bad leaders are placed in positions of power. Good leadership is about influencing people in a positive way. It’s about getting people to follow you to a better place. Good leaders can do this with or without a position of power. Bad leaders cannot have influence without that position of power and often that influence is commanded by fear, not respect.

You Don’t Genuinely Care

True leadership is outwardly focused. It sees the potential in others and works toward investing in and developing that potential. If you don’t care about those that you’re leading then they will not be better off having been led by you and that’s not a mark of good leadership ability. Good leaders make people better because they care.

You Want All of the Credit

True leaders are credit givers, not credit takers. If you’re not willing to give praise and give credit to others for the great results that are being delivered by your team then you’re being a very poor leader. Leaders will often take the side lines to allow others to be elevated and promoted. It’s not a failure or a weakness to let someone else get the credit for something you had a part in accomplishing. It actually takes more courage and character to do so and it will shine brighter than a single accomplishment.

You Don’t Deliver Results

Leaders will consistently deliver. If you’re not able to get things done, then you’re not being a good leader. Because good leaders are outwardly focused and investing in others, they are constantly getting things done through other people. If you’re bogged down with a heavy work load and you haven’t learned how to utilize those around you to accomplish great results, then you’re simply not leading.

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