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Tips for Being Extremely Likable in an Interview

Women in InterviewWhile an interview may only consist of a few directed questions, there are a whole slew of other questions that are quietly being answered in the mind of your interviewer. Things like; will you present yourself well to potential clients? Will you fulfill all of the standard hygiene requirements? Will other employees generally feel comfortable to work with you? Do you give off a “creeper” vibe? These are all questions that you answer whether you realize it or not. So, let’s take a look at how to answer these unspoken questions well during your interview.

1. Consider Your Demeanor Before the Interview

Before the interview even takes place, consider what it is that you want to convey about yourself. Though there are certainly things you DON’T want to convey, you don’t want to come off as being fake. Be true to yourself. You do contain good qualities, so be sure to remove anything that would hinder you from letting those qualities shine through. For instance, if nerves get the best of you, do what it takes to bust those nerves and get into a more relax and genuine state.

2. Be Positive and Kind

Even if your natural inclination is to be more of a pessimist, you have to realize that no one wants to hire a negative nancy. No one does. This is something that you need to change about your personality anyway so start practicing and give positivity your best shot during the interview process. Don’t stop there either. Keep working on positivity after the fact but certainly don’t wait until after the interview to work on overcoming a pessimistic attitude. Also, be kind from the start. Even if your interviewer leaves you waiting for longer that expected, don’t let your frustration get the best of you. Your employer may make a mistake again in the future and they need to know that you aren’t going to be a hassle to work with every time something doesn’t go your way.

3. Embrace the Pace

Everyone has their own pace of talking and working through things. Some interviewers are going to be more rapid while others are going to be more methodical. Go with the flow of whatever pace they set and meet them where they are. If you tend to speak more quickly and your interviewer is a little slower, make the effort to slow down and give them the information the way they might receive it most comfortably. Same goes for the opposite scenario in which you might want to try to pick up your pace to keep up with your interviewer. This will let them know that you hear them and that you are willing to go where they are leading. It also indicates an “others-focused” attitude which is what your employer will be looking for.

4. Don’t Neglect Small Talk

Not all interviewers will want to engage in chit chat, but if they do, you definitely need to go there with them. This is typically a sign that they are trying to get a feel for how you’ll interact once you’re an employee. They are envisioning how you will deal with other employees and whether or not you will be easy to work with and talk to. Make sure that your nervousness doesn’t put you into a robot-like state where you can only be “down to business”. Mentally prepare yourself for this by considering the weather, local surroundings, recent news, etc. It will give you more confidence should you need to engage in this way.

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