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How to Crop Your Card ID Photo

Card ID PhotoBeing in the industry, I’ve seen a lot of photo ID cards. Some great, some not so great. The difference between the great and the not so great, in my opinion, is the photo. Yes, the card design is important too, but the photo caries more weight that you might think.

People are More than a Face

Many times card ID photos can ruin the look of the card due to poor cropping. Cropping too close to the face is awkward and doesn’t feel natural. People are more than a face, so crop their photo accordingly. You don’t have to crop in the entire torso but showing a bit of the neckline and shoulders will improve the picture, provided the person in the photo is dressed appropriately.

Leave a little Margin

Similar but not the same as my previous point; leave a little margin at the top and on the sides. You certainly don’t want to leave a big empty gap above their head, but you don’t want to cut off the top of their head either. Some people may have “higher” hair styles than others. Give each person the same amount of crop space to keep an evenness among all of the card ID photos. This will help uniformity among all of your company ID cards. It’s a small detail but the uniformity will be noticeable and refreshing.

Make Sure the Photo is Centered

Lastly, remember to crop the photo so that it is centered. Even if you get all previously mentioned details right, if you have a misaligned photo, it won’t look its best. I know, you may have a lot pictures to crop and very little time to do it, but spending an extra few seconds to ensure a quality crop will be appreciated by the personnel wearing the ID card and the customers who have to look at them.

Good luck and happy cropping!


We would love to hear from you! Do you have any tips on cropping your card ID photo?

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