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Why You Should Use Photo ID Cards as Business Cards

They’re Unforgettable

Why You Should Use Photo ID Cards as Business Cards

If you want to make an unforgettable first impression, hand your potential client a business card that looks like a photo ID card. Obviously you still need to be congenial in order to really make a good first impression, but having something unique like this to hand out will set you apart from the rest. If something like this doesn’t make you memorable, then you really need to consider working on your people skills.

They Put a Face to the Name

People are drawn to faces. Using photo ID cards as your business cards will give you enough space to have all of the information you want in addition to a photo. That’s a big win, as long as you don’t look like a slob or an axe murderer.

They’re Not as Easily Lost

Typically, when you receive a new business card, its easy just to throw into the collected stack of other business cards and forget about it. However, when you’re using a material that has a more unique size and feel, people are forced to handle it differently and are more likely to remember they have it. Additionally, it won’t blend in very well to a stack of business cards from your competitors, making your card easier to find!

They Last Longer than a Conventional Business Card

The benefit to using plastic is that it lasts much longer than paper. Because it’s so much stronger, it’s far less susceptible to tearing and bending. In fact, it’s almost impossible to bend or tear if you’re not intending to destroy it, and most of your potential client won’t intentionally try to destroy your cool new business card.

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