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Custom Badges: Why You Need Them

It seems that every day we’re confronted by the ever growing demand for identification and the proof thereof. It’s my belief that the general populous can be trusted to give an honest account of who they are and what they are doing, but for those who have deceptive intentions, we all have to be a part of the security measure. It’s for this very reason that schools, businesses, hospitals and various other organizations have mandated that their employees and volunteers carry custom badges at all times. This can be a very effective way to reduce the number of individuals who are able to slip through the cracks or falsely identify themselves.

Custom, or personalized badges that contain a photo of the individual are by far the best option because of their unique nature.

Why Use Custom Badges?

Generic ID badges are not the most optimal choice because they are more easily reproduced, making them fairly easy to falsify. Custom badges that contain very unique details are much harder to reproduce making them very hard to falsify.

Have you ever noticed that your driver’s license has holographic features and other small details that are almost invisible to the naked eye? These minute details are there for the sole purpose of making these badges hard to reproduce and give any person the ability to spot falsification if they’re aware of these features.

Additionally, generic badges don’t offer the customer a high level of comfort or confidence in the employee wearing the badge. If a customer is expecting a repair technician to come to their house, they will feel much more comfortable letting them in if they can easily see that the person has a unique company ID that contains a photo. Even if there is no chance of a security breach happening within the company, it just makes sense to implement custom badges for the sake of your customer’s comfort level. Anything that will help your customer feel comfortable and happy is a good thing to consider implementing as a part of the customer experience.

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