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Danish Officers Wear ID Badges for the First Time in Nearly a Century

ID Badges • Danish FlagEarly in 2016 Danish police officers began showing up for work with new ID badges on their uniforms. For the first time since 1918, citizens will be able to distinctly identify an individual officer.

Upon a resident’s request, an officer is obligated to identify themselves. However, officers can now opt to provide their ID number instead of their name. The new ID badges contain a number that consists of one letter and four numeric digits.

In a press conference, the Danish National Police wrote, “The ID number will make it easier and safer to identify individual officers. This is relevant, for example, in connection with residents’ complaints about police officers.”

Historically, many complaints against police officers have been dropped due identification difficulties which sparked much discussion about implementing a better police identification system.

Back in 2011, The Justice Ministry began drafting a plan for the purpose of making officers more easily identifiable but it wasn’t until 2014 that the Danish Police Union and the National Police had come to an agreement on the new identification system.

Under the new rule, if any officers face harassment or specific security threats, identification numbers listed on the ID badges may be permitted to be changed.