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Kenyan Doctors Now Required to Wear Doctor ID Badges

Doctor ID BadgesAs of early 2016, The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board instructed doctors to wear doctor ID badges while attending to patients. The doctor ID badges must include a photo, name, registration number and field of practice. (theSTAR)

How Will the Doctor ID Badges Help?

Daniel Yumbya, the board chief executive officer, said that this action would assist the public in being able to verify whether or not a doctor is licensed and qualified to practice. He went on to say that the board will execute inspections to ensure that health facilities and doctors are properly licensed to operate and practice. Yumbya warned in a newspaper ad that any doctor or medical establishment that is operating without a proper license will have to deal with the law.

Additionally, the names of registered health facilities, doctors and accredited institutions were published on the board’s website. The board carries the mandate of retaining and licensing health establishments and qualified practitioners and is tasked with regulating the practice of medicine and dentistry for both private and public practice. It can and will exercise disciplinary action against errant members and stands to enforce ethical practice and professionalism among medics and medical institutions.