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Learning to Delegate: 3 Tips for Success

Delegate for successWhen it comes to getting all of  your work done, one thing is true. Effectively delegating your work load is essential. Just because you’re responsible for it, doesn’t mean that you’re the one that should be doing it. You must learn to automate, simplify and delegate so that your to-do list is full of the tasks that only you can do. Though different methods have worked well for different people, here are a few tips that can help you delegate more effectively.

Can You Do This 80% as Well as Me?

If you’re going to successfully delegate tasks, you must first identify what it is that you need to get off your plate. Ask the questions, “Can someone else do this task 80% as well as I can?” If someone can do a task 80% as well as you, it’s ready to be handed off. The 80% marker is good because it’s still holding the individual to produce good results while leaving some room for error as they are challenged to grow and take on more responsibility.

Clearly Define Expectations

Delegating a task without providing clear instruction and expectation is a complete disaster. You cannot expect your team members to be able to read your mind. Go above and beyond with defining what is expected. This way you can hold them accountable to stated boundaries and standards without any confusion or frustration. It’s impossible to hold anyone accountable to an unstated expectation.

Create Follow-up Systems

Create a clear system to track progress and verify the results. Have the team member give you a report or input notes into a database for you to check. You must inspect what you expect. Don’t simply delegate and forget about it. Ultimately the responsibility of the results falls on you so it’s important for you to check in on progress to see how things are going. Often times, your input is needed along the way to keep things from drifting in the wrong direction.