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Emergency Medical Information on ID Badges

Many of our customers know that they need ID badges for their employees but don’t always know what information is needed to create the most optimal identification protocol. Well, this answer can vary depending on the nature of the organization in addition to unique security or safety needs. In today’s post I wanted to touch on the safety side of the spectrum. So if you are in a more physically active or hazardous environment, this post is for you.

Emergency Medical Information on ID Badges

One thing that is often overlooked when creating a system for ID badges is the implementation of emergency medical information. This can be extremely helpful, specially for those who work in fields that might put you at some risk of injury or ailment. Here are a few pieces of information that could be very helpful in case of an emergency. All of this information can fit neatly on the back of any company’s ID badges.

  • Blood Type
  • Allergies
  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Emergency contact information
  • Doctor’s contact information
  • Additional company protocol

Making this implementation can certainly be an enhancement to your safety program, and might just save a life.