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Enhancing Your ID Badges: The What & Why of Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies for Your ID BadgesFor hospitals and other medical establishements, security is a major priority. When the staff has access to the private details regarding patient’s insurance information and medical history, it’s imperative to have a well establish identification security protocol. So, how do you increase identification security in facilities such as these? Increasing the ease by which authorized staff members are identified is a great first step and you do this by enhancing your ID badges.

How to Enhance ID Badges

Badge buddies are accessories that are specifically designed to compliment your existing ID badges. They are a bit larger than your typical ID badge and are equipped with a brightly colored stripe and bold text which is visible below the badge. This added pop of color and text serves as an immediate attention grabber and makes it far easier to identify your position or title at a single glance.

Each establishment may have different formats for their ID badges. Because of this, badge buddies have been made available in portrait and landscape formats. Additionally, they’re available for a variety of titles including RN, LPN, Physician and Doctor so that everyone in your healthcare facility can have a badge buddy!

If you’re interested to learn more about badge buddies for you ID badges, give us a call! Our representatives would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have! Call 866-610-4308

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