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Creating Your ID Card Design: Font Guidelines

Creating Your ID Card Design: Font GuidelinesWhen it comes to creating a quality ID card design, your font choice plays a major role in defining how your design will come across. Depending on which font you use, your ID card design could provide a very professional and inviting experience or lean toward being very harsh and unprofessional. Here are a few text / font guidelines to follow when creating your design.

Font Guidelines for ID Card Design

  1. Font Variations – It’s best to use only one or two fonts. Using two fonts can be very stylistically pleasing but more than that can be distracting and confusing.
    • Though some is fine, avoid doing a lot of bold text and stay away from underlining your content.
  2. Readability – The most easily read fonts are those that are simple and “non-serif.”
    • Additionally, the font size for a particular field of information should coincide with the importance of that field. The most important information should be the largest.
  3. Font Color – Again, you want your content to be very easy to read. Black is the best color to use because it typically provides the greatest contrast unless your using a dark color as your background.
    • You can use color text but try to avoid it if possible. If you must use color, keep it consistent with the colors that are already being used within the card design or logo.
  4. Spacing – Be sure that all of your text is separated appropriately. You don’t want all of your text running together. This will make the important information hard to pinpoint and decrease the effectiveness of  your ID cards. It’s better for your text to be overly spaced than for it to be jumbled together.
    • To avoid this issue, try to keep the content to a minimum. Take a minimalist approach and put some of the more detailed information on that back if possible.

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