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Get Your Company Logo on Your ID Badge Lanyards!

ID Badge LanyardsOften when companies begin to use ID badges, they hand out standard badge clips or lanyards for their employees to where them on. Though those accessories are certainly functional, they can be a little lack luster. If that’s all you need, then great! But, if you’re interested in something more, there is an that can make wearing an ID badge more fun, and possibly even profitable.

Have you ever thought about using your company logo on your ID badge lanyards? If not, here are a few reasons why you should:

Why Your Company Logo Should Be On Your ID Badge Lanyards:
  1. It makes your company look well established.
  2. It makes your employees more easily identifiable by customers.
    • This is great for when you’re hosting a booth at an job fair or attend a networking event.
  3. Speaking of events, your ID badge lanyards can be a great marketing tool.
    • This is especially true if you take the next step and include additional information about your company such as contact information or website URL.
Do You Need Assistance?

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