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Making Your Medical ID Badge More Effective

Medical ID BadgeFor any medical facility, a good security protocol is necessary and must be a priority. That is why hospitals and other medical establishments are enforcing that ID badges be worn by their personnel at all times. ID badges are certainly effective, but a hospital is a very large facility and identifying qualified personnel can still be a challenge if you don’t have any easily identifiable measures in place. Coming up with an effective medical ID badge design that would allow for the most important information to be seen immediately would be a great first step. However, in a chaotic situation, that may not be enough. So, what will allow your staff to be identified with ease in all situations? The answer to that question is Badge Buddies.

How can a badge buddy make my medical ID badge more effective?
  1. A badge buddy will add a pop of color to your medical ID badge.
    • This makes your badge more eye catching.
    • It also makes your badge look more interesting and unique.
    • Each title could have a different color to make it even easier to distinguish between an RN, LPN or Doctor.
  2. Staff titles are more visible.
    • This improves response times by reducing the time needed to identify qualified personnel.
  3. Security is further increased.
    • ID badges are a great security feature but when they are enhanced with badge buddies, they become an even more effective part of your security protocol.
  4. Access control is improved.

If you would like more information about badge buddies or creating a custom medical ID badge design, give us a call today! We would love to speak with you about all of the available options! Call (866) 610-4308

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