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Why Your Proximity ID Badges Aren’t Working

Proximity ID BadgesAs most people understand, it’s important to keep your ID badge protected from the elements. This is true for all ID badges but especially for proximity ID badges because of the sensitive technology that is embedded within the PVC plastic. When the antenna or the chip becomes damaged your badge will begin having issues or stop working all together. To help you avoid this here are a three common scenarios that can cause damage to your ID badges.

  1. Extreme Magnetic Field Exposure: Steer clear of magnetic fields because they have the ability to completely wipe out the programming inside the chip.
  2. Electro Static Discharge Exposure: There is an integrated circuit inside your badge that can also be completed wiped out when exposed to static electricity.
  3. A Broken Bond Between the Antenna and the Chip: If you’re using the badge in ways it wasn’t intended to be used or cause unnatural wear and tear, you may run the risk of this bond being broken.

When your ID badge endures any of the above scenarios, it’s likely that it will need to be replaced. To ensure the life of proximity ID badges, it’s important to handle them and store them with care. A great way to help protect them is to use an badge holder that is designed for proximity technology.

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