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What are Photo ID Badges?

What are Photo ID Badges?Photo ID badges are an identity verification tool. In our 21st century society they serve an important purpose and are required by most organizations. Photo ID badges typically contain a photo of the individual in addition to a few pieces of unique information about them. Such information could include their name, job title, address or any important or necessary details.

ID badges are generally made from PVC material. Sometimes the badges are overlaid with a laminate to help protect the badge’s information and design. This laminate also serves to provide additional durability and security, if the laminate is holographic. Though most cards are made from the same basic material, there are some variations in card types. They range from basic ID badges to high-tech multipurpose cards that can store and transmit data.

Some of the more complex ID badge technologies include barcodes, magnetic strip badges with encoding and RFID proximity ID badges. Each of these serves a unique purpose and vary in their ability to enhance an establishment’s identification security protocol.

Can I Print ID Badges Myself?

If you’re wanting to print your own PVC plastic ID badges, you need a special printer to do so. There are various types of personal printers on the market today. Each variation will use a different printing processes which directly effect the print quality, so defining your quality and durability needs will help you to make the right decision about which printer to buy.

Do I Need Photo ID Badges for my Organization?

Photo ID badges can be used in a variety of ways, in practically any industry. In one of my previous posts, ID Badges Put Your Customers At Ease, I mentioned how simply having a company ID badge does a lot of good for your customer’s comfort level. It establishes credibility, trust and the perception of security and safety. If you have not implemented ID badges in your organization, I would recommend that you deeply consider the pros and cons. It may just be detrimental to your business if you decide not to implement ID badges.

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