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ID Card Thickness: Which is Best for My Organization?

ID Card Thickness: Which is Best for My Organization?If you have done any research thus far, then you may already know that the CR8030 is the standard size for any PCV card ranging from credit cards to gift cards. Though this is the industry standard, there is a pretty wide range of sizes, which serve different needs and preferences. Let’s break it down.

ID Card Thickness: The Breakdown

The CR80 portion of the number naming system refers to the actual card’s dimensions which are 85.60mm  x 53.98mm. The standard for these cards is also to have rounded corners and the total radius ranges from 2.88mm to 3.48mm. You may have noticed that these dimensions do not pertain to the card’s thickness. Do ID cards have different thicknesses? Yes, they do!

Card thickness is measured in a unit called “mil,” which is the equivalent of 0.001 inches. Here is a little more information about the most common card thicknesses and their functionality.

10 mil – This is most often used for business cards because they are likely to melt or become warped if run through a retransfer printer that has dual-sided or laminating capacity. This can do damage to the printer as well, so this is not the ideal thickness for ID cards.

13 mil – This size is also common for business cards or membership cards and is more highly recommended than the 10 mil because it can withstand being printer on a standard ID card printer. This still is not the ideal size for printing on a retransfer printer though.

20 mil – This is the most common size for public transportation tickets. This card also presents potential issues when running through a card feeder because of it’s size. Be sure to check your printer’s specifications before attempting to print on 20 mil.

30 mil – This is most commonly used throughout the industry and is typically used for credit / debit cards, gift cards, ID cards, access control cards, etc.

60 & 65 mil – These are also referred to as “clamshell” cards and are less common, simply because if their  specific application. Typically, these are used for larger organizations that have a higher turnover rate and are commonly used in conjunction with “sticky cards.”

If you would like more information about which would be best for your organization, give us a call! We would be happy to talk it through with you and help you make an informed decision! Call (866) 610-4308

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