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Badge Buddies: What are They and How Do They Improve Security?

Badge Buddies: What are They and How Do They Improve Security?When it comes to hospitals and other medical establishments, security is of the utmost importance. Doctors, nurses and other medical and administrative staff members have access to confidential information and locations. How are these sensitive things kept secure? Well, there are a variety of protocols that are used, but one that remains a constant is an effective ID card system. It’s important that medical staff is easily identified to ensure that secure areas are only accessible to authorized personnel. Aside from traditional ID cards, badge buddies can be an effective tool for making it even easier to identify the information you need at a glance.

What Are Badge Buddies?

Badge buddies are designed specifically to function alongside your pre-exsting staff ID cards. They are a bit larger than your standard ID card and include a brightly colored strip at the bottom to highlight specific information.

The color strip is intended to help you coordinate certain information or job titles with a specific color. Even if you’re a long way away from the individual, you can easily see the color of their badge buddy, which can help to more easily identify how they function within the medical establishment. For instance, Doctors could be color coded with red badge buddies while nurses could be green or blue. This same method could be utilized for administrative staff and visitors.

Badge buddies come pre-punched so they are immediately ready to be clipped to your lanyard or badge reel, right behind your standard ID card. They’re also available in portrait and landscape layouts to suit whichever ID card format you’ve created and include a variety of position titles such as RN, LPN, Physician, Doctor and more!

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