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Service Technicians: Your ID Badges are a Big Deal

Service Technicians: Your ID Badges are a Big DealI think it’s pretty safe to say that our culture expects a service technician to be sporting a company ID badge upon home visits. Strangely enough, there still are some companies out there that don’t feel it’s important enough to make the investment. Ignoring the customer’s preference in this area is a bad idea and won’t pan out well in the long run. Here’s why:

Three Reasons Why ID badges Matter More than You Thought:
  1. They Give Credibility
    • The great thing about ID badges is their ability to provide information without the customer having to step out of their comfort zone and ask. They can quietly inspect what company sent you, what your name is and what your title is. If they can see that the company that hired you feels confident in your ability to do the job, then they’re likely to feel the same way.
  2. They are Part of a Security Protocol
    • ID badges are obviously a security measure. That’s the entire point of ID badges. Whether the customer realizes it or not, they innately know this is true and will be less likely to feel skeptical about your intentions. They’ll be able to tell that you are concerned with the security of the company and the customer. Don’t leave them questioning your motives by neglecting this protocol.
  3. Everyone Else is Doing it
    • Here’s the thing; Your competitors have implemented ID badges. They have an advantage over you because the customer feels better about home visits with the other guys. The competitors don’t have to get questioned because they’ve made it easy for the customer to feel comfortable and reassured. Help your customers to feel at ease by implementing company ID badges. You won’t regret making your customers feel more confident about you.

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