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Why Summer Camp Leaders Need ID Badges

Why Summer Camp Leaders Need ID BadgesRemember when you hopped on a bus, said goodbye to your parents, and hit the road to your first summer camp? I certainly do. It was a blast, and I hope my kids get to enjoy the same type of experiences. The truth is, I had a great time because there were appropriate perimeters that created a safe and fun atmosphere for me. As a good camp host should, you’ve probably thought through how to make your camp fun and safe for the kids, but have you thought about ID badges for your camp leaders? Here are a few reasons why camp leader ID badges are a great idea:

Safety of Camp Attendees

Leading a summer camp requires a lot of organization. There are typically quite a few camp leaders and even more attendees. If you’re going to ensure the safety of the camp attendees, they must be able to identify who the leaders are. Without this capability, it could be nearly impossible for them to distinguish if someone is attempting to impersonate a trusted camp leader. Implement ID badges and teach the attendees to only trust those who are wearing their badge.

Safety of Other Camp Leaders

In conjunction with attendee safety, it’s also important to consider the safety of your leaders. Especially when you’re hosting a camp with a large number of people involved, it’s important to keep the organization and accountability very high. If you’re in a position where the leaders may only know or work with a select group of other leaders, it’s important to empower them with the ability to identify those other leaders that they may not work with. ID badges are a helpful and necessary tool in this scenario.

Access Restriction

If using magnetic strip of proximity ID badge technology, which I encourage, you have the ability to restrict access to only the individuals that have ID badges. You would need to install RFID or magnetic card readers, but this is a very helpful technology. It would serve to keep camp attendees and other visitors out of facilities they should not have access to without having to hand out a bunch of keys. Often keys are prone to being lost and are certainly more problematic when it comes to making additional copies.

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