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Benefits of Proximity ID Badges for Schools

Benefits of Proximity ID Badges for SchoolsIt’s not a rare occurrence for schools to implement ID badges. In fact, unless it’s an elementary or middle school, I don’t personally know of any schools that don’t use ID badges. However, most of those schools aren’t fully utilizing the potential of ID badge technology. One that would be especially helpful to schools is the RFID technology for proximity ID badges. Here are a two great reasons why proximity ID badges are an excellent choice for schools:

Attendance & Record Keeping

One of the most obvious and helpful uses of RFID technology is for attendance and record keeping. With proximity ID badges, you allow students to take responsibility for their attendance records. It’s as easy as swiping in when they arrive to class and swiping out when they leave. Of course, they would have to be trained to do so, but they will step up to the plate if they are aware of the consequences.

Faculty Access

Another great way to use this technology is for access control. You can allow only qualified personnel to access facilities or rooms that need to be secure. Now, instead of having to copy and hand out a bunch of keys, simply install an RFID reader to allow teachers and other staff to have access to restricted parts of the school. Also, since this technology replaces the standard door handle, it would eliminate the ability to “pick the lock” and gain unlawful access.

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