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Choosing the Right Accessories for Your ID Badges

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your ID BadgesOften we think that all accessories for ID badges are created equal. Though they may be equal in quality, they are certainly not equal in functionality. Here are a few tips for choosing the right accessories for your ID badges:

How is Your ID Badge Used?

When reviewing the different accessory options, it’s worthwhile to consider how the accessory is going to compliment the way that your ID badge is used. ID badges are always used for identification purposes but sometimes they are also used to help customers easily spot employees. In this case, lanyards are your best bet. Badge clips are great too, but lanyards offer more in the way of color accents. Customers can more easily spot you in a crowd when you have a bright colored lanyard around your neck.

Do You Need Quick Access to Your ID Badge?

If your ID badge doesn’t need to be worn in a flashy manner, but you still need the ability to quickly present identification, badge reels are a perfect choice. Badge reels can be worn clipped to the shirt, jacket or on the belt. They are unique in there ability to be versatile. Because they are retractable, you can extend your ID badge for swiping or scanning purposes or wear it neatly tucked away. Unlike standard badge clips, you never need to un-clip or unhook your badge from the clip in order to present identification.

Do You Work in a Hazardous Environment?

Another thing to consider is your environment. Lanyards and badge clips are effective anywhere you go, but if your work environment makes your ID badges more susceptible to damage, you may also want to consider a badge holder. There are a wide range of badge holders and they all vary in size and strength. Badge holders are a very practical choice for those who work in construction, maintenance, etc. You may not always drop a box of hammers on your ID badge, but when you do, you’ll be glad you had that badge holder.

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