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The Benefit of Child ID Badges

The Benefit of Child ID BadgesRemember the days as a child when you would be in the grocery store with mom, and being distracted by something shiny, you’d run off to another part of the store without mom realizing it? Then, after a few minutes you realized that you were surrounded by strangers and thought “my mom went home without me! She left me here to die!”? Well, there’s a helpful solution for that. Child ID badges. They can be an extremely helpful tool in those public times of distress and if you’re considering creating an ID for your child, here’s how to do it effectively:

Personal and Contact Information

When creating your child’s ID, consider what you would want a stranger to know about your child or how to get in touch with you. Certainly include a picture of the child in addition to their name, but also include your phone number so that you can be quickly and easily contacted. Often, children don’t have the ability to give descriptive information about you or explain when and where they last saw you. It’s much more efficient to empower the adult who found your child to give you a quick phone call.

Critical Medical Information

Another important piece of information to consider putting on your card is the child’s state of health. If you’re child is prone to seizures, asthma, or food allergies, that’s something you want anyone handling your child to know. Say, for instance, someone notified you that they found  your child. While they wait for you to come pick up your child, they decide to give them some peanuts to munch on. Oh no! Bobby has a peanut allergy and now, to make matters worse, he has to be rushed to he hospital! Of course, that would be a worst case scenario, but I think you understand what I’m getting at. Need to knows are a must for your child’s ID badge.

Emergency Instructions

In conjunction with including medical information, it’s also a great idea to give instruction for emergency situations. Help another adult be prepared incase the child’s medical condition brings about an emergency situation. Those types of scenarios can leave you frozen in your tracks and having some simple instruction can put everyone at ease and help them to handle your child appropriately.

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