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Choosing the Right Camera for Your Photo ID Cards

CameraTypically, when it comes to ID cards, the focus lands on the printing portion of the process. However, the elements that lead up to printing are just as important. We’ve talked a bit about design and color tips, but let’s take a look at the photo portion of the process. What is the best camera for your photo ID headshots?

Choosing the Best Camera Option

When searching for the best camera option, consider the following before pulling the trigger on a good deal:

Image Quality & Compatibility – Some ID card printers can deliver high-definition prints. If you have a high-definition printer then you may want to go with a camera that can also capture high quality photos. This will give you very crisp, high-end results.

On the other hand, if  you don’t have a high definition printer then you may not want to spend the extra money on a high-end camera. Since the printer can’t accommodate it anyway, you won’t need professional quality photos. But, on the bright side, your cards will still look great as long as the pictures are in focus and of decent quality. A premium smartphone may even do the trick if you have good lighting and a pleasant backdrop.

Lighting – Are you planning to take your photos outside? Do you have a well lit area in your office building that is good for photos? These are questions that you need to ask because they determine what kind of camera you will need. If you don’t have a well lit area to take photos, you’ll need to use a camera with a flash. Without a flash, bad lighting can create a lot of unwanted shadows and decrease the images definition which will ultimately deliver print results that you aren’t satisfied with.

Portability – Will you always be taking your photos in the same location or will you need to frequent different locations? If you’ll need to move around, you’ll want to go with something that’s portable and easy to pack up and use on the go. Web cameras, for instance, always have to be connected to a computer with corresponding software. That can be a huge limitation in terms of ease of use.

Accessories – Regardless of the camera option you choose, don’t forget to purchase a tripod so that you can have consistent and professional looking photos.

Recommendation – The Canon Rebel T5, overall, is an excellent option. It’s not too expensive, it’s easy to use and it will deliver a much higher quality photo than an average camera. This lends itself to producing a very professional, high-end look. It’s also quite portable so it gives you the freedom to shoot at new locations whenever needed!

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