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Are Dual-Sided ID Cards Better Than Single-Sided?

Are Dual-Sided ID Cards Better Than Single-Sided?When making the decision on which ID card printer to buy, one of the biggest factors is whether or not you need to print dual-sided or single-sided cards.

There are some printers that will only print on one side (single-sided) while others are designed with the ability to print on both sides of the ID card (dual-sided).

Now, you CAN print on both sides of a card with a single-sided printer. However, this would require that you manually run the card through the printer two times which increases the likelihood of the card acquiring debris. This results in misprints, scuffs, scratches and possibly even printhead damage. No one wants to spend extra time and money on reprints and part replacements!

So, if you plan to print information on both sides of your ID cards, a dual-sided printer is the best route.

If you’re not sure if you want dual-sided cards, here is a list of information that is commonly found on the back of ID cards:

  1. Records – This might be a collective log of uses for a particular piece of equipment or the ID card itself.
  2. Disclaimer – This doesn’t need much explanation. Many schools and companies have used this to help give instruction for returning lost ID cards.
  3. Cardholder Information – This can be additional, necessary information that the card holder may need to provide but won’t fit on the front of the card.
  4. Barcodes – If you do not have enough space on the front the card this can be placed on the back!
  5. Aesthetics – Putting information on the back of the card allows you to keep the front of the card clean, only holding the most important information.
  6. Duplicate Information – Some like to have the same information on the font and back incase the ID card gets turned around.
  7. A few others Include: Certifications, business hours and/or membership status

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