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Creative & Fun Employee ID Cards: 3 Unique Ideas

Creative & Fun Employee ID CardsFor most companies, ID cards serve a functional purpose. The value for personal preference or emotional connection is not especially high. This is largely because the nature of the ID protocol is strictly for security. However, in some cases, the liberty of something more fun is permissible and maybe even preferred. If that’s you, here are a few creative ways to make your ID cards more fun!

Personal Designs

Most of the time it’s preferred that all of the employee ID cards look the same. But, if that’s not necessary for your operation, let your employees have a little fun making it their own. Of course, you could have a standardized design for those who do not wish to fiddle with it, but it would be a lot of fun for the rest.

If you do need to keep some consistency, create a set of boundaries that employees must stay within. It will still give them plenty of room to wiggle while maintaining an overall look and feel.

Funny Photos

Another great way to personalize your employee ID cards is to let them have a little fun with their photo. This can allow each person to show their true personality, give everyone a laugh and help everyone open up. This can be especially fun if your employees are working with children. If you really want to take it up a notch, provide a few props that can be used in the photos. This will surely not disappoint.

Nicknames and Funny Titles

Lastly, if it’s not something that will be seen by customers, let your employees come up with nicknames or funny titles. You could add their actual nickname or you could name each person by their celebrity doppelgänger!

Whatever you choose to do, let it be something that is unique to your culture. Allowing some freedom of expression can bring a higher level of enjoyment in the workplace. Happy employees means a higher level of employee retention, productivity and creativity.

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