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Enhancing Identification Security with Smart Card Technology

Smart Card TechnologyChip technology is not a new thing, although it has ramped up quite a bit since banks started utilizing it for credit and debit cards. With the rise of this “smart card” technology, many are asking if/how this technology can be used to increase security of ID cards. If you’re asking “if,” then the answer is yes! If you’re asking “how,” let’s take a look:

Why & How: Smart Card Technology

The majority of the time, this technology is used for access control. In fact, the U.S. Government has been using the smart card method for about 20 years. The chips can be programmed to permit access to different buildings, rooms and a variety of other networks and services. After 9/11, the concept was expanded through what is known as the PIV program (Personal Identity and Verification) and it plays a key role in the security of millions of federal civilian employees.

Implementing a smart card program can become complex due to the variety of options and uses. The details become diverse when making the choice between different network protocols, software, readers and types of chip technology. Fortunately, many of these details and characteristics are internationally standardized with primary specs being of ISO/IEC 7816 standards. For more information on this, visit www.smartcardalliance.org.

It may take some time to decide which technologies will be the right fit for your organization. However, Fullidentity provides you with your very own account representative who can answer you questions and help you navigate the details! Though there are a lot of details involved, getting the process started doesn’t have to be a hassle!

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