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Photo ID Badge Photos: No Selfies Allowed

Photo ID Badge Photos: No Selfies AllowedIn today’s social media crazed society, it’s become practically impossible to go without seeing an array of selfies crowding your news feed on a daily basis. Most of those selfies are attached to completely unrelated content which is part of what makes selfies so annoying. There is something very dishonest about a selfie and dishonesty is certainly not something you want associated with your photo ID badge. Let’s take a look at a few signs that you’re giving off a selfie vibe in your photo ID badge photo.

The Perfect Angle

Selfie fanatics have taken so many photos of themselves that they have found their “perfect” angle. It’s pretty easy to spot. Typically it’s fairly unnatural looking and makes the individual look a little different than they do in person. They think it’s their best look but really it’s just a manipulation and it’s inauthentic. There is such thing as a bad angle. Any photographer would tell you that. But, an angled pose is a bit cheesy and a dead give away for a selfie fanatic.

The Model Face

I would hope that no one would duckface in their photo ID badge photo.  However, a more common but less obvious version of that is the model face. Something similar to, but a bit less dramatic than, the Blue Steel look that Ben Stiller gave in the 2001 film, Zoolander. This is spotted by a slightly sultry eye squint or a bit of a “sucking in my checks” kind of look. Again, the individual feels as if this is their best look, but it quite certainly never is.

The Point

The point is that the purpose of your photo ID badge isn’t for others to see how cool you think you can be. It’s about being helpful to your customers. Identification is great for security but it’s also great for helping your customers feel secure. Though the root word is the same, security and feeling secure are two different things. When your photo reflects a lack of professionalism, you’re not helping yourself in regards to pleasing your customers. They no longer view you as a respected employee who can be consulted for expert answers. They view you as insecure and possibly even immature and would probably rather take there business elsewhere. There are certainly some organizations where a less professional photo ID badge is completely appropriate but for the rest of us, let’s just leave the selfie stick at home.


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