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Special Needs ID Badges: Why They Should be More Prevalent

Special Needs ID BadgesOver the past decades we’ve seen ID badges become more and more prevalent in society and the business world. Humanity began to see the value years ago and took action to implement a solid identification system. We’ve established everything from driver’s licenses to employee ID badges with great success, but another way ID badges could be very useful in our society is in regards to special needs individuals.

What Would Special Needs ID Badges Look Like?

Special Needs ID badges would basically have a standard format which would include the individuals name, photo and address. However, in addition to the usual information, there would be details in regards to the individual’s specific condition. Additionally, the back of the card would contain information about who should be contacted in case of emergency and any practical steps to help the situation before help can arrive.

This would be particularly helpful for individual who have frequent episodes where they need assistance. If by chance the individual has an episode and needs assistance, their ID badge would give some explanation and instruction as to how to handle the emergency scenario. This would also be especially helpful if a child got lost from their parents in public and happened to have emergency medical situation. Their parent’s contact information would be right there on the badge and help could be much more immediate.

Not every individual that has a special need would require one of these badges, but for high risk individuals, this could be life saving.

If you would like more information about how to create special needs ID badges for yourself of other individuals, give us a call! We would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about creating a customized ID badge. Call (866) 610-4308

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