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The Benefit of Proximity ID Badges for Warehouse Club Members

Proximity ID Badges for Warehouse Club MembersIf you’ve ever been a member of Costco, Sam’s Club or any other warehouse club, then you’re familiar with the ID badges that are associated with that membership. Typically they contain a photo, information about your membership and are printed on magnetic strip technology. When visiting the store, members are usually greeted at the entrance and expected to show their ID badges. Often these badges are very loosely inspected at a glance and is not actually swiped until a purchase is being made in which it tends goes uninspected once more. There has to be a more effective way to go about this process, right? Well, I think there is. Let’s take a look at how proximity ID badges could be a great solution for warehouse club members:

Limited Access Capability

One of the most convenient benefits of proximity ID badges is the contact-less information transfer capabilities. The RFID technology inside the card allows for carriers to transfer information between the ID badge and the reader by simply getting in close proximity of the reader. The card never has to be swiped in the fashion that a magnetic strip card does. Because of this convenience, it becomes much easier for members to swipe their card on the way in. This would allow for a very specific access control. Doors would be able to remain locked and would only become unlocked upon the swipe of a valid member ID badge.

Efficiency & Theft Reduction

Having a properly implemented access control system can go a long way in reducing theft by non-members. The specific access control of RFID technology would only allow individuals who had a valid card to enter the building, making it far more difficult to sneak in unnoticed. This aspect of the RFID implementation has a two fold benefit. It allows for employers to be more efficient about where they place their employees because of the reduced need to inspect ID badges at the door in addition to eliminating to chances of human error. As I mentioned before, the cards are often inspected very loosely when presented at the door. Because of this lack of attention to detail, it’s fairly easy to get in even when you’re not a member. If that issue is eliminated, theft by non-members can be greatly reduced.

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