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Gender-Neutral ID Cards May be Introduced in Canada

Gender-Neutral ID Cards in CanadaRecently, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, stated that the Canadian government is looking for the best way to move forward with gender related issues. Therefore, Canada may be introducing gender-neutral ID cards. (NewsMax.com)

At the very least they may place some type of designation on passports. Trudeau stated, “That’s part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice.”

On Sunday July 3, Trudeau became the first prime minister in Canadian history to march in a parade for gay pride.

A spokesperson for the prime minister, Andrée-Lyne Hallé, had this to say:

“We are conducting a review of all the circumstances in which the government requires or produces identity documents in order not to exclude people whose gender identity does not match the binary standard. This could include neutrality in several situations.”

Recently officials in Ontario mentioned that, in addition to the usual “M” and “F” initial to represent male or female on a driver’s license, they will also be allowing an “X” initial to indicate a third gender classification.

New Zealand, Australia and Nepal have already adopted the “X” classification on their government-issued ID cards.

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