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American Indians are Now Able to Designate Race on Their ID Card

ID CardAccording to a new bill that was unanimously approved this month (June 2016) by the North Carolina (N.C.) House, American Indians will be given the ability to designate their race on their state-issued ID card or driver’s license. (FayObserver.com)

More About the ID Card Designation

This bill was sponsered by Rep. Charles Graham from Robeson County who is actually a Lumbee Indian. This bill is now moving on to the governor to acquire his signature.

According to the bill, a Native American’s ID card will be designated with the “AI” initials, which stands for American Indian. According to a current legislative documents, the Division of Motor Vehicles has historically used the initial “I” to designate individuals who are American Indians.

Though this new designation is being implemented, it is not mandatory. American Indians who do not wish to obtain the racial designation on their ID card are not obligated by law to do so.

“A racial designation is listed on a driver license only if the person seeking the license wants it, the law says”. – Paul Woolverton

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