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Proximity ID Badges Vs. Metal Door Keys

Proximity ID Badges Vs Metal KeysMetal door keys have been in existence for thousands of years. Though keys have been a tried and true method of access control, recent technological advancements in the area of security have given justification for implementing the upgrade.

Proximity ID Badges & Accountability

One of the greatest benefits of proximity ID badges is their high level of accountability. Because the users would need to swipe their ID badges at every door, it’s possible to know who entered what door and at what time. This is huge in terms of being able to execute justice in or prevent a robbery scenario.

Keys on the other hand do not come with this level of information. If one of your employees were to enter your facility after hours and steal thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you would have no idea whose key was used to enter the facility. Additionally, changing the lock and distributing new keys is just adding more hassle and expense to the situation.

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