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Why You Should Accessorize Your Photo ID Cards

Photo ID cardsWhen we hear the word “accessories” we tend to think about luxury items; things you get when you don’t mind throwing in a few extra bucks to look pretty. I can understand that thought process because accessories certainly CAN be luxury items. But, do they always have to be?

Are Accessories Worth the Money?

Whether or not accessories are worth it for you entirely depends on what you value the most. Do you value saving a little money in the short term or improving your customer and employee experience in the long term?  A lot can be understood about a company by simply observing the way they present themselves. Most of the time, this is not a conscious thought process, but people notice when you make the extra effort to look uniformed and presentable. When you have employees that are wearing their photo ID cards with style and uniformity, that tells your customers that you care what they think. It says that you want them to feel comfortable and that’s exactly what they want. They want to feel comfortable and they want to feel considered. If you keep putting your customers first, and this is a start, I’d bet that extra money you spent up front will pay for itself in the long haul.

Are Accessories Practical?

As I mentioned before, accessories don’t always have to be expensive luxury items. Yes, they can be very practical. As I wrote in my previous post DON’T Lose Your Photo ID Card, there are a variety of benefits that are associated with accessorizing your photo ID cards. One of those benefits is ID card loss prevention. Lanyards and badge reels are two that I mentioned in that previous post but there are a wide variety that carry very practical purposes. Not every company will have the same need or preference when it comes to accessories. I suggest you take a look HERE and find what works best for you!


What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you! What is your personal favorite accessory for photo ID cards?

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