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Proximity Key Fobs & Tags for ID Badges: What Are They?

If you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time it’s likely that you’ve seen me mention proximity ID badges. Proximity ID badges are an amazing tool for organizations for a lot of reasons. However, what I’ve yet to mention in detail is that proximity technology is available in more than just ID badges. Two devices that I’d like to cover today are proximity key fobs and tags. Let’s talk through a few more details about fobs and tags. They may be a great fit for your organization.

Proximity Key Fobs & Tags for ID BadgesKey Fobs

Proximity key fobs, again, use the same technology as proximity ID badges. One of the most convenient features is their ability to be easily attached to a key ring, lanyard or badge clip. This makes them very accessible and easy to use when needed. Another great feature is that key fobs require no batteries. They are designed to passively allow a virtually unlimited number of swipes and will never inflict the burden of battery replacement.

Proximity Key Fobs & Tags for ID BadgesTags

Proximity tags are an excellence choice for those who already have existing ID badges but want to utilize proximity technology without having to use a secondary device such as a key fob. The unique thing about the tags is that they can adhere to the back of a standard ID badge and transform it into a proximity ID badge. Once the proximity tag is adhered, it can be effectively swiped by a reader just like any other technology card

Both key fobs and tags have their individual benefits and it ultimately comes down to which functionality you prefer.

If you would like more information about key fobs or tags, give us a call today! One of our ID professionals would be happy to help you decide which is going to be best for your organization. Call (866) 610-4308


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