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Firefighter ID Badges: Enhancing Security

Firefighter ID Badges: Enhancing SecurityBy law, first respondents are mandated to have identification on their person at all times. It’s necessary for them to be easily identified because the public heavily depends on them in times of crisis. A secure, fraud resistant protocol for ID badges has become essential on all industries and emergency service is certainly no exception. Here are three ways to improve the security of your department’s ID badges:

  1. Add Holographic Overlay
    • In addition to helping to protect your card, holographic overlay is a great security feature. It’s not easily reproduced making your ID badges more fraud resistant.
  2. Implement Custom Lanyards
    • Often lanyards are thought of as something more practical and often go relatively unnoticed. However, if you create a custom lanyard that reflects a unique design, you’re giving them the opportunity to stand out. When you’re whole team is wearing them, it becomes obvious when someone doesn’t have the same unity of accessory. This can also help discourage fraudulent attempts of impersonation.
  3. Create a Unique Firefighter ID Badge Design
    • When you’re designing your department’s ID badges, give it some good thought. Create a design that is unique and isn’t as easy to recreate. If you’re not especially creative in that way, hire someone to come up with something for you. The design doesn’t need to be flashy and inappropriate, but allow it to be something that isn’t cookie cutter.

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