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Church ID Badges: Stewarding Your Greatest Resource

Church ID Badges: Stewarding Your Greatest ResourceEvery organization holds something of value. Whatever that may be, it needs to be protected. For that reason, the necessity of security transcends all industries and organizational types and churches are certainly no exception. Just like any other establishment, churches need to have a strong security protocol for ID badges. Though they do have funds that need to be secure, money is not a church’s most valuable resource. The real treasure is the people. Here’s how ID badges can help the people:

Identifying the People that are Trustworthy

It’s beneficial for visitors and the congregation to know who is on staff. Something as simple as an ID badge can help the people to distinguish who they are. It’s not that the staff should always be getting special recognition, but if it’s easy to identify who they are, it will be easy to identify an impostor. If ever there was a scenario where someone was pretending to be a part of the pastoral staff, that would be something that you would want your people to be empowered to recognize. You can help to empower them by implementing church ID badges.

Protecting the Children / Minors

In tandem with the above scenario, our children are especially vulnerable to deception. They are less likely to be skeptical of someone’s intentions. Implementing church ID badges can help to give the children a frame of reference. Build it into the culture and they’ll learn to associate the ID badge with the people that have been entrusted to watch after them. Additionally, parents and other staff members will be able to keep a better eye out for individuals who aren’t where they are supposed to be.

Access Control

Incorporating proximity or magnetic strip technology with your ID badges is a great tool for access control. The truth is, some places within a church just don’t need to be easily accessible. Help to protect your people by not allowing non-staff to have access to vulnerable information or people. Access control technologies are not essential for maintaining security but they certainly can help to take the integrity of your organization to the next level.

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