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Proximity Cards: What Does LGGMN Stand For?

Are you new to proximity cards? If so, you may have already heard someone reference the acronym LGGMN and you might also be wonder what the heck that means. The LGGMN acronym is referring to the five programming options for proximity cards.

It’s important to understand what these options mean so that you don’t mistakenly order the wrong type of proximity card. Unfortunately there have been occasions where customers have gotten confused about which type of card they needed and ended up ordering the wrong card configuration or programming option.

The LGGMN configuration is the most common among printable proximity cards. Here are five criteria that customers must choose from when ordering the LGGMN programming:

1. Hole Punch Options

  • N – Proximity cards that are intended to be hole punched after the printing process or not at all.
  • H – Horizontal hole punch.
  • V – Vertical hole punch.
  • NOTE: All proximity cards that are pre-punched do increase the changes of causing damage to the printer’s printhead. This can be costly to repair or replace. 

2. Programming Options

  • N – Non-programmed cards.
  • L – Programmed cards.
  • NOTE: Many companies are not equipped to properly handle the programming process in house, so it’s often more convenient and beneficial to order pre-programmed cards.

3. Card Numbering Options

  • S – Sequential internal / sequential non-matching external card numbering. This refers to the security feature that offers the ability to have the internal programmed card numbers be different from the numbers on the outside of the card.
  • M – The numer programmed on the inside of the card matches the number that is printed on the card surface.

4. Surface Options (Card Front)

  • C – The surface of the card features custom artwork.
  • G – Plain PVC surface which is intended to be printed on.

5. Surface Options (Card Back)

  • S – Standard artwork gloss finish. (manufacturer logo printed on card)
  • G – Plain PVC surface which is intended to be printed on.
  • C – The surface of the card features custom artwork.

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