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Hospital ID Badges: Tragedy Prevention and More

Hospital ID Badges: Tragedy Prevention & MoreBeing in the identification industry, it’s only natural for us to hear plenty of interesting stories in regards to ID badges or the lack thereof. Just like Yelp reviews, people don’t typical rant about the instances where their identification protocol went according to plan. Rather, we more often hear about the times when a weak security protocol allowed for tragic events to take place. All industries have to face the fact of potential risk, but hospitals are particularly sensitive. Patients are more vulnerable than usual and with such a high volume of people coming in and out, its crucial that the proper people are easily identified.

There Are People with Bad Intentions

Let’s face it, the world isn’t made up of mostly upstanding citizens. I hate to say it, but there are some real creeps out there who have bad intentions. I’m not saying that we should look for axe murderers around every corner. That’s no way to live. I am saying, however, that it’s worth our time to consider the threats around us and be prepared to handle them. There have literally been individuals who have tried to impersonate doctors and nurses to do harm to a patient, in addition to individuals who have attempted to steal babies from the maternity ward. It’s imperative that these people are not given leeway to accomplish their sinister plans. Implementing a strong identification protocol can significantly reduce individuals’ ability to cause problems like these. It may seem ridiculous to ask that nice elderly woman for her ID but it’s necessary for the overall integrity of the security system.

Additional Benefits of Hospital ID Badges

In my opinion, security is the number one reason to have a strong protocol for your ID badges. However, there are a lot of great uses for ID badges in addition to security. ID badges are great for personnel attendance and access control. Some hospitals have even taken the concept a step further, giving their patients an ID badge when they check in. Personally, I think that’s a great idea due to it’s ability to more accurately keep record of treatments, visiting times, etc. It’s great that ID badges allow for all of these perks, but if all you do is develop a great security protocol, you’ve won.

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