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A Design Critique: What Not To Do With Your ID Badges

A Design Critique: What Not To Do With Your ID BadgesAt one time or another we’ve all had to dip our toes into a creative project or two, whether we liked it or not. Some of us are more creative than others, but all of us have the ability to create something of great quality and value if given the right information. Now, you’re probably here because you want to create a quality design for your company’s ID badges but aren’t quite sure where to start. First, let me say that you can do this! Secondly, here are three things you should avoid in order to get the most out of your ID badge design:

  1. Over Designing
    • You don’t have to design every square inch of your ID badges. Let your design breathe a little bit. No one should have to work too hard to understand what your company is all about. Keep it clean. It will reflect something positive and simple to your customers. That’s a good thing.
  2. Poor Design Hierarchy
    • Don’t let your ID badges become cluttered with non essential information. Think about what the main thing is and make sure that it is most noticeable. Use a little bit of blank space around your central information so that it isn’t overlooked. Keep it simple and allow your customers to see what is most important.
  3. Too Many Fonts
    • Having more than one font can really add a creative flare to your design, but more than three is over kill. Typically one or two fonts is the best way to go.

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