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Security Upgrades to Driver Licenses and ID Cards in Illinois

ID CardsWith the intention of moving closer to being in full compliance with the REAL ID mandate of the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that the state of Illinois will be implementing security upgrades to their driver’s licenses and ID cards. (TheTelegraph.com)

By the end of July 2016, those who are applying within a Driver Services facility will not be issued a new card upon the completion of the application process. Instead they will initially receive a paper form of their license which will be valid for only 45 days. This temporary paper driver’s license will be considered an acceptable form of identification for driving purposes. It will contain a photo in addition to the same basic information that will be included on the official ID cards.

Once the application process in complete, the applicant’s information is sent to a secure facility within Illinois where it is verified and checked for fraud. When the identity has been properly verified, there permanent ID card will be printed and sent to the applicant’s mailing address.

“These changes are necessary for Illinois to be REAL ID compliant. In addition, the changes further enhance our efforts to protect Illinoisans from fraud and identity theft. The upgraded driver’s license and ID card contain a variety of enhanced security features that take advantage of new developments in technology,” said Jesse White.

When it comes to air travel, if applicants have yet to receive their permanent ID card, DHS will accept the temporary paper license in conjunction with the old ID card for boarding a plane. In fact, they announced in January of 2016 that Illinois ID cards will continue to be acceptable for boarding commercial, domestic flights until January 22, 2018. DHS and the Illinois General Assembly continue to work with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office on the Real ID Act.

“Becoming REAL ID compliant is a step-by-step process, and with these changes Illinois is now 84 percent compliant with the federal mandate,” White said.

This transition into a central issuance will unfold gradually in phases. While the new ID cards are being implemented, there will be more than one valid form of driver’s license and ID card until the older design is completely phased out.

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