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How to Make Your Company ID badges Stand Out

Company ID BadgesAs you’ve probably seen, the majority of businesses have mandated ID badges in their day to day operations. That is pretty much mandatory in today’s world. Though we’ve certainly utilized the practicality of ID badges, many businesses fail to take advantage of the range of possibility. ID badges are great for security purposes but they’re also highly functional in terms of marketing. With that said, let’s look at a few ways you can give your standard company ID badges the opportunity to stand out:

Format Variations

Whether is happened on purpose or not, there is a fairly standard format for company ID badges. Typically there is a company logo or name at the top of the badge, picture in the middle and the individual’s name and title at the bottom. That is a very practical way to format your badges. However, taking the time to come up with a more unique format is a good way to draw more attention and create intrigue.

Color Variations

Another great way to spice up your company ID badges is to add unique and eye catching colors. Notice that I didn’t stop with unique. The colors really need to be eye catching as well. Having unique colors that are unappealing is defeating the purpose. Yes, it will draw attention, but it’s not really positive attention in that instance. Find a few currently popular color shades and develop something that is simple and nice to look at. Sometimes flashy can be good, depending on your target audience, but typically the best way to go is to develop something classy but artistic.

Font Variations

Another element that can be used is the addition of unique fonts. This is one that is widely overlooked but has serious creative potential. In our digitally saturated world, fonts are more important than ever. We notice and want great looking fonts these days and catering to that minute desire can have effects that are more than minute. It takes a little intention and some extra time, but finding a good font combination can take your company ID badges from looking very standard to looking very stellar.

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