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The Benefits of Expiring Visitor ID Badges

The Benefits of Expiring Visitor ID BadgesMost companies across the country have regular visitors, which could include contractors, clients, vendors or other company representatives. This is especially prevalent in the healthcare industry and unfortunately it’s beginning to be a topic of concern. A report that was recently published by OSHA stated that 6.8 injuries that were work-related were directly correlated with visitor or patient violence. If you combine this with the increase in workplace violence that is being reported by The Bureau of Labor Statics, it’s obvious that a healthy identification protocol is becoming more and more necessary.

Expiring Visitor ID Badges

A simple name badge can be effective in some cases but when sensitive information or areas need to be protected, it’s a good idea to take it a step further. Using expiring visitor ID badges is one great way to do that. You can issue the badges in a number of different ways and you can even determine how long you want the badge to be valid.

A few different options for issuing visitor badges include manually writing the information on the badge, printing the information with a laser or ink-jet printer, or printing the information with a thermal printer with black ink.

In terms of expiration timeframes, you can purchase badges that will stay valid for half of a day, a full day, a week or even an entire month!

Aside from the obvious security benefits, expiring visitor ID badges can enhance the feelings of security among your personnel and guests, establish clear boundaries for visitors and improve the company image.

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