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Palm Beach PD Issues Voluntary ID Badges for Hurricane Season

ID Badges for Hurricane SeasonAs hurricane season still has about a month to go, it is being recommended by The Palm Beach Police Department that residents as well as local businesses get Town of Palm Beach voluntary ID badges. (Palm Beach Daily News)

Why Are Voluntary ID Badges Needed?

When the island is ordered to be evacuated due to a storm threat, checkpoints are established at all entry points of the town by the Police Department.

Once the storm subsides, then the decision is made regarding when it’s safe for the people to return. The voluntary ID badges make the process for returning to live or work on the island much easier.

Forms & Applications

Any resident that does not currently have another form of ID that reflects their Palm Beach address will need to obtain an out-of-state resident ID badge. As far as employees are concerned, there is a new voluntary ID authorization form that will need to be filled out and notarized before arriving at the police department.

Both the out-of-state resident identification form and the voluntary ID authorization form will be available on the Town of Palm Beach website under the “How Do I…?” tab.

Additionally, you can obtain an application in the vestibule of Department Headquarters which is located at 345 S. Country Rd.

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