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Protecting Your ID Badges: A Lasting Investment

Protecting Your ID BadgesIf you work in the marketplace, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the majority of business people are required to wear ID badges. That isn’t so much of a new thing anymore. The real questions isn’t whether or not you’re going to implement ID badges within your organization but rather, how are you going to make it work the most efficiently for you. How are you going to make that investment last? Well, based on my experience in the industry, I do have a recommendation. Protect your ID badges.

How Can I Protect My ID Badges?

Holographic Overlay

There are a couple ways in which you can help to protect your ID badges. One of those methods is holographic overlay. Holographic overlay is a layer of thin coating that typically contains a holographic image of some sort. Often this is a company logo or a security emblem. It’s generally used as a security feature as you might see on a driver’s license, however, it actually works well to add a little extra protect against the normal wear and tear of ID badge use.

Badge Holders

Another effective tool is the badge holder. There are a variety of badge holders out there and they all do a pretty great job of protecting ID badges from the elements. When deciding which holder to purchase, it mostly comes down to preference and what type of card technology you’re using. If you’re using magnetic strip ID badges, you’ll need a holder that allows you to easily remove the badge for swiping purposes. If you’re using the RFID technology in proximity ID badges, you’ll want a harder sleeve as to allow for more extensive protection against bending. Blank and magnetic badges can withstand a bit of bending to no ill effect, but the proximity badges can easily be ruined if put under too much bending pressure.

That was a quick little run down, but if you are interested in learning more about effectively protecting your ID badges, give us a call! We would love the opportunity to help you make the best and most informed decision about your ID badge accessories. Call (866) 610-4308

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