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The Advantage of Adhesive Badge Clips for ID Badges

Adhesive Badge Clips for ID BadgesAs the blazing heat of the summer commences, I wanted to highlight an accessory that can make your ID badges a little bit cooler. See what I did there? Cooler. Get it? Anyway, aside from corny jokes, there really is an accessory that I’d like to bring to the fore front. Adhesive badge clips. They’re simple, clean and effective. Let’s take a look at what they are and why they may be a great fit for your ID badges.

Design & Functionality

One of the most enticing aspects of this accessory is how it is able to compliment the design of your ID badges. Adhesive clips do not require that your ID badges be hole punched because they adhere to the back of the badges instead of looping through them. This is a major benefit to those who aren’t wanting to give up any badge real-estate to utilize an edge to edge design. The edge to edge design can also be accomplished by using a badge sleeve, however, some do not wish to use badge sleeves because of the added expense and bulkiness. For those individuals, adhesive badge clips are a great solution.

Simple and Sleek

Another great element of these clips is there simplicity and sleekness. As mentioned before, these clips simply adhere to the back of your badges. You never have to worry about the hole punch tearing due to overuse because there isn’t a hole punch. Once the clip is adhered, you just clip it on and go. It’s that simple. Also, these clips are very sleek. Because they’re hidden behind your badge, they go virtually unseen. This is great for those who are wanting to keep their presentation precise and without any added bulk of lanyards, traditional badge clips or badge sleeves. If you’re wanting to keep it sleek and simple, this is the clip for you.

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