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How to Keep Your ID Badges Facing Forward

Keep Your ID Badges Facing ForwardIf you’re working or volunteering for an organization that requires ID badges, it’s pretty much a given that the badge needs to be in a forward facing position at all times, right? Some industries, such as healthcare, even have laws that require forward facing ID badges at all times. So, what do  you do if your ID badges are acting like a bunch of disobedient hoodlums? Well, fortunately there are a few solutions! It all boils down to picking the appropriate accessories for your ID badges. Here are a few that may be helpful to you:

Clips & Reels for ID Badges

If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve seen me post about the wonders of lanyards for your ID badges. However, in this case, lanyards may not be your best bet due to their free flow nature. A badge clip or badge reel would be a far better solution in terms of keeping your ID badges more compliant with the forward facing rule. You just clip them right onto your shirt or jacket and go about your business without having to worry too much about their visibility. They’re simple, subtle and easy to use.

Magnetic Holders

Another great option for your ID badges is the magnetic holder. This type of holder is less common that the two perviously mentioned accessories but may be even more effective. Though the magnetic holders are better at keeping your ID badges stationary, they are designed with a bit less versatility in mind. Clips and reels were intended for individuals who may need to remove their ID badges frequently throughout the day. With the magnetic holder, there is one portion of the magnet that is adhered to the back of the badge and the other portion is placed on the inside of the shirt of jacket. Since the magnet is quite strong, this allows for a completely stationary, forward facing ID badge all day long. So, if you’re not needing to remove your ID badge throughout the day, this is the perfect solution for you!

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