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Using ID Badges as Luggage Tags

ID Badges as Luggage TagsWhat we love so much about ID badges is there durability and versatility. Though the majority of individuals simply use them for what would be considered “standard ID badges”, there are endless possibilities for the ways they can be used.

How Else Can I Use ID Badges?

Recently I came across an individual who thought to use ID badges for luggage tags and it immediately grabbed my attention. It was fun, creative and actually quite helpful. This individual even created a colorful design that made the tags stand out even more and with a sea of identical bags swimming around, this could be extremely helpful.  I thought this ideas was completely and utterly brilliant and this guy wins the most creative ID badge award in my book.

Are you interested in coming up with custom family luggage tags for your next traveling adventure? Visit our website or call today to learn how! Once you create an account on our website, you can create a custom design or have one of our representatives do it for you! Give us a call today at (866) 610-4308

If you would like to do the at home DIY version, here are the material you’ll need:

  • Blank ID badge
  • ID badge hole punch
  • Clear badge holder
  • Permanent marker
  • Luggage tag strap

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