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Benefits and Uses of ID Cards for Religious Organizations

Benefits and Uses of ID Cards for Religious OrganizationsAs the need to organizational security continues to hold a higher and higher value in our society, churches and other religious organizations are utilizing ID cards more and more. Not only are they a great tool for basic identification, they are also a foundational piece for day to day security and providing proof of credentials for ministers. Let’s take a look at how they can be used within your religious organization.


ID cards for religious organizations would look very much like a standard ID card with the exception of potential differences in information. They can be as simple or as detailed as desired. Often they will contain a photo, position or title, a logo and the name of the organization. Credentials information can be placed on the front or the back of the card if desired and some have even opted to include their organization’s core values or foundational beliefs.

Uses of ID Cards for Religious Organizations

  1. Staff & Volunteer Identification – This is generally a good idea so that attendees can quickly identify who to go to if they have questions or concerns.
  2. Employee Access Control – This option requires that you use technology cards or proximity cards and allows your employees to have designated access to the church building or select locations within the facility.
  3. Child Care Programs – If each attending child is given an ID card, it becomes much easier to safely monitor them and determine if the child is in the right place or needs to be directed to a parent or another area in the facility.
  4. Teen Events – We all know that teens can be a little rambunctious at times. Giving each of them an ID card when holding an event can be a very helpful tool for keeping track of your students. This is especially the case for off campus events when other teens not affiliated with the organization may be present.

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