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Printing Oversized ID Cards

Printing Oversized ID CardsTypically the standard sized PVC plastic ID cards work well for the majority. In some cases though, an organization might need or prefer a larger card size. In that case, let’s take a look at how best to print oversized ID cards for your organization.

Swiftcolor SCC400D Inkjet Printer

If you’re looking for an ID card printer that will print vibrant, professional grade prints on oversized cards, the Swiftcolor SCC400D Inkjet Printer is the way to go.


This printer stands out above other printers because it uses a “one-pass” technology which utilizes inkjet cartridges. Where most standard ID cards printers use monochrome and color ribbons, the SCC400D does not which allows for a much faster print time. This is especially useful for time critical prints when an ID or access pass is needed in a very short amount of time.

Printing & Design

The SCC400D is designed for printing a high-volume of cards. High-volume printing can at times be a challenge for standard ID card printers because of the usual wear and tear of internal components in addition to slower print speeds.

This printer can conveniently be connected to any network via ethernet connection or USB. Just like standard ID cards, you can use ID design software to develop a custom look that will print exactly as it appears on our screen during the design process.


Just like any other printer, the SCC400D will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This printer has a built-in maintenance cartridge that actually absorbs excess ink that may be present during the printing process to ensure that your printing quality is top notch, regardless of the size of the print job.

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